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Traditional Roofing

Leadwork Roofing

Leadwork Roofing has stood the test of time like no other roofing product. Lead, especially Sand Cast, has been used reliably on old buildings such as Churches and historical renovations for hundreds of years. Whereas Milled Lead is a mass-produced alternative used for precision and accuracy across the roofing industry.
The versatility of the product, combined with the skill of the Lead Worker, offers a practical solution for any roof type out there. The aesthetics enhance any building that is beautiful and environmentally viable. Most of the lead used in the industry today has been recycled or will be in the future. Due to the longevity offered by lead, it is extremely cost-effective.

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Leadwork Specialists

Lead Roofing Services

Heritage Leadwork

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are imperative when working with Lead. Heritage leadwork requires extra care and attention and accredited professionals.


As Lead specialists, our lead welding skills and techniques allow us to carry out the toughest of repairs, whether roofs, flashings, gutters or other coverings.


Due to minimal maintenance and cost-effective properties, Leadwork flashing is a common practice when protecting historic and modern leadwork.


Ornamental leadwork is an architectural art that LDN Leadwork is proud to offer to domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.


Leadwork repair can save you time and money with your roof. Customers are often shocked to discover what Lead can be repaired and restored.

Cast Lead

On restoration projects, it is vital to use traditional sand-cast lead to match the existing roof finishes. LDN leadwork offers recasting services to all existing lead roofs as lead is 100% recyclable.

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