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Aluminium roofing is a popular choice for metal roofing. It is an excellent option due to its lightweight and durable properties. These allow us to offer tailored solutions made to your exact specifications. Our aluminium roofing services cover domestic, industrial, and commercial roofing services. LDN is a leading UK aluminium roofing contractor that provides exceptional artistry. Our many years of experience and skilled team allow us to carry out aluminium roofing and cladding work on a wide variety of buildings, both big and small, domestic, commercial, and industrial.

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The Benefits Of
Aluminium Roofing

Aluminium roofing and cladding can offer your property a range of benefits when it comes to roofing. Aluminium is an attractive material, providing a naturally sleek metallic look. The material can also be coloured, giving you options for different designs. As well as the visual appeal, using aluminium for external cladding offers an array of functional benefits too. The material is corrosion-resistant, highly durable, long-lasting and malleable.

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At LDN, the only aluminium we use includes Kalzip, Prefa Falzonal and Alu FX Patina. This allows us to guarantee the best possible results for all projects. Aluminium has the look, performance, and similar patina of zinc, but for a notably lower price. Any aluminium used is high quality and only comes from respected, dependable suppliers. Get in touch today for trusted UK metal roofing contractors.

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