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Industrial Roofing

Industrial Over Roofing

Over-Roofing can be applied to most types of pitched and flat roofs. The advantage of over-roofing is that the original roof remains in place to provide weather protection, as well as containing any asbestos-containing materials if found. A proprietary grid system is installed to support the new profiled steel sheeting. Modern over-sheeting solutions take less time to fit than a new roof. They give you all the benefits of a new roof at a greatly reduced cost and with less disruption to the client.

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Why Choose Over-roofing?

Over-roofing is a fantastic cost-effective solution for industrial roofs. Especially as we often go over the top of existing roofs. However, it is entirely dependent on the condition of the current roof. If the roof is damaged and contains asbestos (which is very likely) we will always recommend having this roof removed. Alternatively, if the roof contains asbestos but is in fairly good condition, we can go directly over the top. Hence the name, over-roofing.

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