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Green Coat Roofing, is a durable coated metal produced first in Scandinavia and ideally suited as an alternative to the more traditional materials. SAAB manufactures the Nova coating and it has stood the test of time in locations far more severe than the UK. The manufacturing process includes a 350g/m2 hot dip galvanised coating with the finished Nova coating of 50 microns to the exterior and 10 microns to the interior surface. As an added benefit, the environmentally friendly Nova Coating will not contaminate any water run-off.
It offers all the characteristics and workability traditional metals offer, but enhanced design flexibility due to the Nova Coating.

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Why Choose GreenCoat Roofing?

For sustainable living with a modern design, GreenCoat Roofing is necessary. It can be used for new roofs, Façades, and guttering rainwater systems. GreenCoat can be extremely cost-effective, considering it will last up to 50 years, backed by our roofing guarantee. The benefits are vast, some include high scratch resistance and long-lasting appearance, available in various designs and colours, unlike other hard metals. GreenCoat products are UV-resistant (up to RUV4), energy efficient, scratch resistant, have good formability, and offer colour stability for years to come.

UK Green Coat Roofing

Types of Roofing Designs

At LDN, our experience and expertise allow us to cater for many types of roofing designs. We design and spec roofs based on numerous factors, such as building styles and weather conditions. It can be overwhelming to choose the perfect roof for your property. Please take a look at our range of different types of roofing designs to get an idea of the various roofs we can offer.

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