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As a material, it builds on centuries of tradition by applying the product in new forms. It remains a fascinating and inspirational addition to any building. With various manufacturers offering a wide range of finishes and designs, our team of skilled installers are kept up to date with the new innovations. We can offer a wide colour pallet for roofs and cladding systems alike. Along with the semi-finished products if a more natural look is preferred. Whatever product is chosen, you can rest assured that it is a durable, aesthetic and maintenance-free building material that becomes increasingly attractive under the influence of the weather.

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Why Choose Zinc Roofing And Cladding?

Zinc is a popular roofing metal that is more common than one would realise. Zinc offers many benefits, especially compared to other hard metal roof materials. These include self-healing properties, meaning it can recover if damaged over time, making it a low-maintenance material. Zinc is also a recyclable metal and for this reason, it is a popular choice in today’s sustainable living market. Generally, Zinc roofs can last over 60+ years if installed correctly by an accredited zinc roofing contractor.
Commonly used throughout the UK, Europe, and other parts of the world, the benefits of Zinc are numerous. Compared to other hard metals, Zinc roofing and cladding can be aesthetically pleasing and a long-term, cost-effective hard metal roofing option. At LDN, we cover a range of Zinc projects and tackle even the most complex roofing specifications to simple zinc roofing repairs.

Zinc Roofing Specialists

Zinc Roofing Installation And Repair

Our zinc roofing contractors at LDN are familiar with various installation methods required when using zinc on different types of roofs. Being a versatile metal, our zinc roofing contractors can ensure aesthetically pleasing lines and impressive shapes to meet your requirements. Our specialists can assist with any repairs, installation or new builds.

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