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Our flat roofing team has unrivalled knowledge and experience of the finest, bituminous membranes, Single-ply membranes and liquid coating applications. Working closely with the Industries leading manufacturers and suppliers allows us to ensure only high-quality finishes on all of our roofing projects throughout the UK.
We have excellent surveying, design, and technical capabilities in house and with our long-standing manufacturer relationships are in a position to provide bespoke solutions. Every product we install is designed to provide reliable protection of your property for many years to come.


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Flat Felt Roofing

Flat Felt roofing near me

Reinforced Bitumen Membranes (RBM) is a popular choice for buildings with flat or pitched roofs. It can be the perfect solution due to it being waterproof, weatherproof, and very cheap to install and replace as well as repair. Our range of Reinforced Bitumen Membranes (RBM) combine strength with longevity to provide a durable waterproofing solution.

Hot Melt Roofing Contractors

Hot melt roofing systems provide a self-healing membrane by applying a hot bituminous liquid directly to a prepared structural deck to create a completely seamless, monolithic layer that takes to the shape of a building creating an effective waterproofing solution.
The most common application of hot melt is as an inverted roof system, where the membrane is laid directly on the deck and insulation is laid on top, weighed down with ballast materials such as pebbles or paving slabs.

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Liquid Plastic Roofing

Liquid plastic roofing or coating provides an unrivalled form of waterproofing for both domestic and commercial buildings. This revolutionary technique of roofing chemically fuses to form a flexible membrane which is extremely durable and 100% waterproof. Perfect for new structures, refurbishment, overlay upgrades and repairs. We cover the UK providing expert and accredited roofers who will leave you feeling extremely proud of your roof with stress-free years to come.

Single ply flat roof by LDN Leadwork

Single Ply Roofing

Single-ply membranes can be used in many different circumstances to ensure quick, robust solutions. The thickness of the single-ply membrane is in the range of 1.1mm to +2mm. Some products are homogenous and others are reinforced with glass fibre or polyester, depending on the application. Membranes are sealed at joints to form continuous waterproofing. When combined with insulation and continuous support, they form complete, durable roof systems.


We provide a wide range of flat roof options which include:

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